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I focus on passion and performance and thrive in helping my clients find the balance between them and use it to get outstanding results in their personal and professional lives.


My services are tailored to your personal or your team’s needs and aspirations.

Private coaching

Tailored to your personal needs. Do you want to find your way in life or out of a dead-end situation? Would you like to build confidence in your discourse? We will create a roadmap, and I will journey with you and help you with every step.

Career mentoring

Do you need some clarity regarding your career or professional development? We’ll work together to set personal goals, identify passions, and create a roadmap that will connect these with your job.

Team strategy

Let’s find a shared mission, vision and goals and set up a short-term or a long-term strategy aligned with these. 

Growth coaching

Let’s find what motivates you and your team and bind that motivation together, creating a driven work environment.

Training and moderating

I facilitate tailored training sessions to help you and your team develop a united brand voice, speak confidently from the heart, and present professionally.

Team building activities

Unite your team with a set of activities personalised to your needs. Let’s build stronger connections, open up and create a strong group with solid goals.

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Marius Botos
Luxembourg, Lu

+352 621 659 149

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